Colin Voide, Manager & Founder

Colin Voide is 19 years old, and the Manager & Founder of the company. He had the idea back in 2016 to create an aviation blog. Finally, in 2017 he was able to launch YourAviation, and has been until today the main actor out of it. Colin has traveled over 160’000KM within the last two years. Living in the middle of Switzerland, Colin is near out of Zurich, the biggest airport in Switzerland.

It’s after his first long-haul flight alone, back in 2017 to Singapore on one of the latest SWISS Boeing 777-300ER and in Business Class, that Colin discovered a huge passion for blogging & traveling. Since then the short- & long-haul flights haven’t stopped. Colin flew already more than 65 routes, visited 39 airports in 20 different countries.


Ram Kumar, Senior Aviation Analyst

Ram Kumar is 22 years old and is living mainly in Chennai & London. Aviation is his big passion. He successfully studied at the University of Surrey where he wrote an intensive work about the Customer Satisfaction and Operational Performance of a big Asian airline.

Ram is responsible for the analyzes at YourAviation. His intensive knowledge leads to a professional analysis of the current aviation market situation. He has also a manager function, running our operations in Asia.


David Edhofer, Chief Editor

David Edhofer is 20 years old and flying gliding planes in lower Bavaria himself. The passion for aviation started while watching the arriving and departing aircrafts at Munich International Airport 15 years ago during his first passenger flights. David started flying solo in 2014.

He has always been passionated about photography, whereupon in 2017 he started photographing large Airliners with a SLR camera at Munich Airport. At YourAviation David is specialized into Boeing Aircrafts. His favorite Boeing Planes are the iconic 747 and the MD-11.


Leonard Niemann, Video Producer

Leonard Niemann is 19 years old and a Video Producer. He joined YourAviation on the last recruitment session in 2018. Living near Munich, he is able to attend multiple events of the national airline Lufthansa. He already assisted 2 of those events in 2018. Leonard got the chance to fly on D-AIXK during the Airbus Customer Acceptance Flight, giving him the chance to fly on a new & not yet delivered plane!

As a production specialist, he helps YourAviation on their multiple video & movie productions. Watch our YouTube videos here!


Alex Crail, Photographer

Alex Crail is 18 years old and our Boeing Specialist & Aviation Photographer. He is living in Los Angeles, USA. Alex Crail is our contact in the US and mainly responsible for Aviation Events in the US.

Besides that, Alex is one of our photographers. With an optimal location at one of the biggest international airports in the world, he his offering stunning shots out of LAX, where a lot of different airlines depart & arrive within seconds over 4 runways. He is passionated by Aviation & has been spotting airplanes since he was 9 years old.


Jochen Schiermeyer, Photographer

John Schiermeyer is 21 years old and lives near Cologne, Germany. He is a published Aviation Photographer with 7000 followers on his private account. His stunning day, sunset & night shots are amazing small & big.

John is working as Photographer for YourAviation. He will provide our blog will stunning images and write many blogs about his experiences & thoughts on the aviation industry.


Thierry Weber, Photographer

Thierry Weber is 21 years old and is living near Zurich in Switzerland. He is currently working for a big Swiss airline where he has the chance to learn a lot about the backgrounds of the industry.

Thierry is working as Aviation Photographer & Editor at YourAviation. He provides our articles with great pictures of all around the world. He has a fascination to always search for a special angle leading to amazing results.


Sander Plokker, Analyst & Editor

Sander Plokker is 26 years old and is living near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He is working for a dutch air-carrier as flight dispatcher and has a lot of knowledge when it comes to flight handling.

Sander is working as Analyst & Editor for YourAviation. He writes articles, describes facts & happenings in the industry and analyzes them for the public. His knowledge is a real advantage and you remark that if you read his articles.


Would you also like to become part of our team? We are very sorry but currently no positions are opened. Open positions are being published on this page. Please remark that we can not accept spontaneous applications. Thank You for your interest & understanding!

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