Discover our team! They work tireless to get the company working and we are more then proud to present you our group of talented & aviation passionated persons. You can find our executive team on our homepage.

David Edhofer, Photographer

David Edhofer is 21 years old and has been flying gliding planes himself since many years. Around 15 years ago, he started to develop a passion for Aviation. He started solo flying in 2014. David is Photographer for YourAviation LLC since 2018 and realizing stunning shots you will find on our publication channels.

Leonard Niemann, Photographer

Leonard Niemann ist 19 years old and living in Germany. He works as Photographer for YourAviation LLC and has already attended many events on behalf of our company. Leonard found a passion in Aviation 15 years ago. He is a talented aviation photographer since 4 years. He is based at Munich Airport.

Alex Crail, Photographer

Alex Crail is 19 years old and lives in the United States of America. He is based in Los Angeles and works as photographer for our company. He is responsible for most of our pictures shot at US airports. Alex has a big talent for photography. He has been interested into Aviation since 10 years.

Thierry Weber, Photographer

Thierry Weber is 21 years old and lives in Switzerland. He does most of his shots at Zurich Airport. He had to chance to work for a big Swiss airline, giving him the opportunity to learn more about the backgrounds of the industry. Thierry works as Photographer for YourAviation LLC and does shots from spectacular angles.

Sander Plokker, Senior Editor

Sander Plokker is 27 years old and is living near Amsterdam in the Netherland. He has been working a flight dispatcher for various Dutch airlines since many years. He works as Senior Editor at YourAviation LLC and writes articles and analyzes the industry for the public. His extensive knowledge is resulting in interesting stories.

Sriram Hariharan, Editor

Sriram Hariharan is 33 years old and is living in Coimbatore, India. He has been interested in Aviation since 20 years and has a lot of knowledge about the industry. Sriram is working as Editor for YourAviation LLC and write regularly articles about the Aviation. He’s mostly spending time at Mumbai Airport.

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