Aviation Movies have and always will passionate thousands of persons. The image of this heavy machine lifting up in the sky or touching back on ground is has always been fascinating the human being. In our movies, we try to show off the background of Aviation: What people don’t usually see. With a very modern equipment, we can film almost everything. We try to use different filming techniques in a very creative way to create eye-catching movies. We are also specialized in drone movie shooting. Our comprehensive solutions understand:

First Idea

We support clients in the finding of the project idea. What are the main targets, budgets & resources involved.

Planing & Script Writing

The first step is very important. It contains the detailed planing of the production. It also contains the writing of the script, the base of the movie.


We search the perfect location(s) for the movie and get every clearance & authorization required for the filming.


It’s production time. We shoot, manage sound recording and the production team & possible actors. If required, we team up with experts.


We cut the final product, work together with music producers and deliver a first product example to our client.


We support our customers during the publication and the marketing of the movie.

If you are interested in a production please visit our quotes page.

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