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By using this website AND OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATTFORMS you automatically agree to our Terms & Conditions:

1. General

YourAviation is a general name & term for “our’s, we, us” services providen on this website and on our official social media accounts. We are not responsible for the content and accounts posted by users. The messages, articles and pages posted are only a view of the author.

Those Terms & Conditions can be changed at any time without further notice. If you do not agree with our Terms & Conditions, please do not use our website. We are allowed to delete all content at any time from the website.

2. Privacy

YourAviation’s primary concern is the privacy of the users. We won’t use any personal informations provided for third party marketing purposes, except where written separatly. This website has been created with WordPress.

WordPress & Google Analytics are providing informations about the user viewing this website. We are able to see how many people visit our website, where they are coming from (country), how they accessed the website (from a mobile device or on a laptop), what referrer has been used (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook…) and which pages have been visited. Whereever you have the possibility to send a message, a request or subscribe to a newsletter, your IP adress might be collected in order to contact you in future.

3. Media

All medias posted and uploaded on this website & on the official social media accounts  of YourAviation are copyrighted. Downloads are only permitted where clearly marked. Copyright is a very important concern on our website. You have no autorisation to use our media content without further notice either for private or commercial use. We reserve the right to pursuit copyright infrigment. If you want to use our work, you always need to credit YourAviation as owner of the content. If you want to use our work on a commercial basis, you need to buy a license first. Use our content with prior correct licensing will require to pay the license price plus a 100% additional fee for the non-authorisation. We understand under commerical use:

  • Social Media Plattforms selling own or/and third parties products.
  • Social Media Plattforms selling servies (f.e. shout-outs to other accounts)
  • Websites selling services & plattforms.

3rd party content will be credited as required. The user has the right at any time to ask for the owner of such content by contacting us.

Under media we understand:

  • Pictures & Photos
  • Videos
  • Logos
4. User Content

All content users are allowed to post on our website can be verified by an authorized team member. User content can be blocked and deleted at all time. You retain the full copyright of your own content. By using our services you agree to not post offensive, hateful, threatening, erotic or illegal content.

5. Ad-running & Affiliate Marketing

At any moment YourAviation has the right to promote content or perform affiliate marketing without prior notice. It is our right to choose our partner & be financially supported for content we might create.

6. Authorized Accounts

Under “authorized accounts” we understand the following social media channel or online Plattform:

7. End

Those Terms & Conditions have been updated on January 11th 2019.

YourAviation can not be made responsible for spelling mistake on our authorized accounts and on those Terms & Conditions.