1. General

YourAviation (LLC/GmbH) is a general name & term for “our’s, we, us” services providen on this website, on our official social media accounts, in our shop and on any communication method (e-mail, phone or written).

Those Terms & Conditions can be changed at any time without further notice. If you do not agree with our Terms & Conditions, please do not use our services or products. We are allowed to change all content at any time with no prior notice.

2. Privacy

Our primary concern is the privacy of our customers. YourAviation will keep any customer data strictly secret. The only published client name could be the name of the company, no contact details will be shared. If you do not want to have your brand figured in any way with our company, kindly e-mail us at: ceo@your-aviation.com

3. Media

All medias posted and uploaded on this website & on the official social media accounts of YourAviation are copyrighted. Downloads are only permitted where clearly marked. Copyright is a very important concern on our website. You have no autorisation to use our media content without further notice either for private or commercial use. We reserve the right to pursuit copyright infrigment. If you want to use our work, you always need to credit YourAviation as owner of the content. If you want to use our work on a commercial basis, you need to buy a license first. Use our content with prior correct licensing will require to pay the license price plus a 100% additional fee for the non-authorization. We understand under commercial use:

  • Social Media Platforms selling own or/and third parties products.
  • Social Media Platforms selling services (f.e. shout-outs to other accounts)
  • Websites selling services & platforms.
  • Physical shops

3rd party content will be credited as required. The user has the right at any time to ask for the owner of such content by contacting us.

Under media we understand:

  • Pictures & Photos
  • Videos (incl. Movies)
  • Own produced music
  • Logos
4. Authorized Accounts

Under “authorized accounts” we understand the following social media channel or online Plattform:

5. Shop / Products & Services

This section of our T&C’s is valid for every purchase made on http://www.your-aviation.com, by e-mail, phone or by written letter and does only apply to B2B clients. B2C clients, please visit: http://www.your-aviation.com/imprint-terms-conditions

5.1 Products & Services

Our services and products, hereby also called “offer”, are valid for purchase for world-wide clients. YourAviation LLC has the right to decline purchases for any reason.

5.2 Prices

Our prices can be indicated in CHF (swiss francs), EUR (Euros), or USD (US Dollard). You will always see the currency featured next to the article you are buying. All prices are including the taxes, like e.g the VAT (in Switzerland 7.7%, in the rest of the world 0.0%).

5.3 Orders & Order Confirmation

As B2B client you can purchase, hereby also called “order”, by phone, e-mail or written letter. Your order will be confirmed within 48 hours. The order confirmation is the official confirmation of the purchase. With no written confirmation from our company, your order has not been received, verified or approved yet. If you do not have a purchase confirmation within 48 hours, please contact our team at: info@your-aviation.com

5.4 Delivery

The general delivery time is up to 15 working days, depending on the product you ordered. If any delay should happen, the client will be informed by letter or by e-mail. Further claims on the part of the customer are therefore excluded.

All our articles are being sent by DPD or by the Swiss Postal Services. Depending on the delivery option you choose when purchasing, your order will have a different delivery time. You will informed by e-mail when your article leaves our warehouse, and a tracking number will be providen if exisiting.

5.5 Payment

We offer you to pay by direct banc transfer. In case this shouldn’t be suiting you, our team will reach out to you. We do not offer any discount for rapid payments if not mentioned in the order confirmation.

Orders made and shipped from/to Switzerland will be sent prior the entry of the payment. Order placed in other countries will only be sent from our warehouse, once YourAviation LLC can confirm the payment has been executed and received!

5.6 Guarantee

All articles purchased from us are guaranteed for 24 months against defects and functionality. The warranty service is and will be determined in individual cases by YourAviation LLC and can be provided by us by a free repair, a repair, an equivalent replacement or by payment of the effectively paid article price. A proof of purchase is required (e-mail order confirmation, delivery note or invoice). Not covered by the guarantee are normal and standard wear and tear as well as damage or restrictions caused by improper use by the buyer or third parties. YourAviation LLC keeps the right to decline any guaranty terms if no real proof of damage can be given.

5.7 Returns

Purchased items can be returned within 10 days after delivery of the order. For the return you need the undamaged article with all accessories and the original packaging. You will first need to contact our team at info@your-aviation.com before you sent back any article. All articles sent back without prior notice will be rejected and the full payment will be requested. In the case of a return, these must be returned to us well packed together with a purchase receipt (e-mail order confirmation, delivery note or invoice). The delivery costs of the return are to be paid by the buyer. After successful examination of the article the effectively paid article price is refunded to you.

Excluded from the right of return:

  • Any services (incl. shipping costs)
  • Individual and custom-made products (e.g. personalized photo articles)
  • Consumables (e.g. batteries)
6. End

Those Terms and Conditions have been updated on June 5th 2019.

YourAviation LLC rejects any liability.
Changes, mistakes and deceptions reserved.
Swiss law applies exclusively. Law court is Zug, Switzerland.

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