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The VIBEZ Festival is a new music festival taking place in Biel, Switzerland between June 6th and June 8th, 2019. Acts like Steve Aoki, J Balvin, Sean Paul and more are expected to entertain thousands of people for the first edition of this festival. Following last month’s announcement that the VIBEZ Festival secured “Emirates” as “presenting partner”, rumors surfaced that Emirates never agreed to such a partnership. This was confirmed yesterday by an Emirates spokesperson. Today, 30th May 2019, at 23:30, the VIBEZ Festival has released a statement regarding the partnership. 

VIBEZ Festival is expected to happen in Biel, Swittzerland, next week. Some big names are appearing on scene, and newely since around 1 month, Emirates is the presenting partner of this new festival. The partner is advertised everywhere; Social Media, Website, and Press Releases.

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According to the festival, thanks to the great support of Emirates, tickets price have been heavily reduced and charity organizations are. Being are to be helped. The only problem: Emirates has declared to not have the knowledge of any sponsorship with VIBEZ Festival and have asked the festival to remove any logos. As this partnership was false, the airline’s legal team has started legal actions against the Festival. The following statement was released by the Dubai-based carrier yesterday:

Dubai, UAE, 29 May 2019 – Dubai-based international airline Emirates wishes to clarify recent media reports speculating on its alleged partnership with the upcoming Vibez OpenAir festival in Biel, Switzerland.

Emirates confirms that there has never been any partnership agreement with Vibez and that the airline did not approve the use of its logo or name in association with the event at any point in time.

On 29 April 2019, the organizers of Vibez Openair published a news release on their website announcing Emirates as its new Presenting Partner. Since it was brought to our attention, Emirates has repeatedly asked the organizers to refrain from using its logo and from making any reference to Emirates whatsoever.

As Vibez did not respond to Emirates’ request, the airline’s lawyers issued a cease and desist notice to the organisers on 22 May 2019 demanding that they remove all Emirates logos and mentions from all marketing material and communication channels. Vibez has failed to do so to date and Emirates have therefore instructed its lawyers to proceed with appropriate legal action.

This evening, the VIBEZ Festival has released the following statement:

Biel, 30.05.2019 – Das Organisationskomitee des VIBEZ Openair zeigt sich überrascht von der Mitteilung von Emirates vom 29. Mai 2019, in welcher eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem VIBEZ Openair dementiert wird. Es laufen gegenwärtig interne Abklärungen.

VIBEZ möchte gleichzeitig darauf hinweisen, dass eine aktive Zusammenarbeit mit seiner Exzellenz Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni, welcher mit der Königsfamilie der Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten verbunden ist, stattfindet. Die Fluggesellschaft Emirates wird vom Oberhaupt der Königsfamilie, seiner Hoheit Scheich Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, geführt.

Anbei finden Sie zudem eine Bestätigung von Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni. Das Foto zeigt Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni mit VIBEZ Vizepräsident Peter Beres.


Biel, 30.05.2019 – The Organisators of the VIBEZ Openair were surprised by the Press Release of Emirates dating of May 29th 2019, where a cooperation with the VIBEZ Festival is being confirmed has being untrue. Internal researches are currently being operated.

VIBEZ wish to express that an active cooperation with his Excellence Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni, member of the UAE royal family, is exisiting. The airline Emirates is being runned by the Executive of the Royal Family, his Excellence Scheich Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. 

Please find attached a confirmation of his Excellence Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni. The picture shows Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni with the VIBEZ Co-President, Mr. Peter Beres.

Peter Beres mit Al Zarooni.JPEG

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After some research work that was done by YourAviation, we found the following facts:

  • One of the charity organization, called “Rettet Valeria”, doesn’t have knowledge of any money received by the VIBEZ Festival together with Emirates. As the amount of donations were significant in the last weeks, they are currently checking the finances to confirm the existence of a donation by the Festival.
  • His Excellence Suhail Mohammad Al Zarooni is not responsible for actions that Emirates take. No Press Release of the “Meeting” with Mr. Peter Beres was ever created by his Excellence.
  • The picture shown has been found nowhere else than in the received e-mail. The authencity of this picture can not be verified and confirmed.
  • VIBEZ Festival and their PR Agency were unavailible for any statement since more than 3 days.

We are currently veryfing other sources regarding the VIBEZ Festival. Emirates might release another statement tomorrow. What we know for sure: Something is wrong!

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Emirates A380 shortly after take-off

An update will be published on this page!


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