After months of preparing, Corendon Hotels & Resorts made the impossible possible! What started as a joke by Corendon founder Atilay Uslu and the management team eventually became a massive project.

The Dutch gathered national and international attention when moving a Boeing 747 from airside to landside through multiple meadows and 17 ditches and even through a closed highway A9 over the last couple of days! Former KLM Boeing 747 ’’City of Bangkok’’ recently in hands of Corendon traveled roughly 12.5 kilometers (eight miles) The aircraft has been moved by executer Mammoet with the help of a 200ton trailer with 192 wheels to maneuver the 160ton aircraft from Schiphol Airport to The Corendon Village Hotel backyard. It took Mammoet about 57 movements to safely place the aircraft at her final rest place.

Picture by Corendon

On November 26th, 2018 the “City of Bangkok” Boeing 747 flew her last commercial flight under KLM callsign ‘’KL602’’ Los Angeles-Amsterdam. A week later the aircraft was flown to Rome where the typical blue livery was replaced with the Corendon livery. On December 14th, 2018 the aircraft flew back to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with her new Corendon Colors.

Hundreds of people next to the runway’s 36R/27 witnessed the ex-KLM aircraft in a fresh Corendon jacket. The B747 got escorted by several Schiphol Airport authority vehicles to hangar 9, where the aircraft got dismantled the last couple of months.

After a few weeks disarming parts, it was time to move the aircraft to it’s final spot: The Corendon Village Hotel near Schiphol.

Corendon offered people to witness this spectacular 3 day operation and almost 9000 people applied to win tickets to watch the last journey of the Boeing 747. Due to the high demand authorities only allowed 6000 people to attend spread over 3 days.

On Friday, February 8th, 2019 the second part was completed during the night.
During this stage, the highway connecting the airport with Amsterdam and other major cities needed to be closed for about 20 minutes so the Boeing 747 could cross the road. Never ever in the Dutch history, a highway got closed to move a Boeing 747 through the road. As you could imagine, this event got a lot of attention at national and also international level with CNN writing an article about the transport project. The CEO, Mr. Steven Van der Heijden even had a skype session with CTVNEWS ”Canada”. Shortly after 02:00 am the aircraft had successfully crossed the highway and the authorities re-opened the road for traffic again.

On Saturday February the 9th, the final and last part of the Boeing 747journey accomplished.
Just like the other days Corendon shared the whole event via a live stream that could be reached via Youtube. The control room was set up  for the people wo attended that night! Just before 01:00am the authorities allowed Mammoet to cross the Schipholweg whenthe aircraft has been parked after 57 maneuvers!

Corendon explained their plans with the Boeing 747.

It will be a huge attraction for everybody who wants to experience the sensation of flying.The installation will incorporate aviation history and art,as well as “3D, 4D and 5D” elements. Like walking through, under or over the aircraft and getting excess to some parts that people normally don’t have excess to, you an even walk in the cargo compartment or walk over the 30M long wings of the aircraft.

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