Skytrax is a UK-based company running reviews about Airports, Airlines & Lounges. Passengers are able to submit their feelings & opinions about one airline on their website, after having confirmed they were on the flight, by uploading their e-tickets, boarding passes or booking confirmation. The portal is really sucessful in the industry. 11 Airlines have been awarded as 5-Star Airline in the last 18 years. The most recent awarded Airline is the german Lufthansa. Today, after being requested by many of our followers, we write this article in order to explain you why Lufthansa deserves this status.


On December 4th 2017, the German National Carrier Lufthansa got awarded by Skytrax as 5-Star Airline. After many years of hard work, they became the first European Airline to win this price. Many people were amazed by this award, but also many critized it, by telling Lufthansa wouldn’t deserve it, but also this would have been influenced & be untrue as Lufthansa introduced their new Boeing 777X Business Class Cabin as few days prior the award.

It has now over been a year since Lufthansa received this award, and the critic hasn’t reduced yet. The definition of a 5-Star service is very personal. Everyone is expecting something different. Whilst a hot meal is important for me, another person will prefer to get no hot food, but therefore a priority boarding for gold passengers.

Lufthansa is offering one of the best service in Europe, whilst fares stay acceptable. This is a list of service that are included into all Lufthansa Tickets (Short-Haul) without a status. A normal passenger, flying for the first time in his life with Lufthansa can enjoy:

  • Transport from A to B without hidden costs
  • Snacks & Beverages
  • Award & Status Miles
  • One Carry-On Baggage
  • One Checked Baggage (excl. Light Fares)
  • Lufthansa Magazine
  • E-Journals
  • Online Check-In
  • Free Mobile App
  • 24h/7d Customer Care Hotline (in Germany, other countries have reduced times)
  • Service Centers at Airport

If you booked a higher class or have a status, you will enjoy the following treats:

  • Full meal & beverages
  • Priority Boarding & Security Check
  • Lounge Service
  • Re-Booking or Cancelling possible
  • Transfer Services
  • Lunch Box (New!)

On a longer route & a bigger plane, all passengers can enjoy:

  • One or Two full meals
  • Entertainement with many movies & music
  • Special Entertainment for Kids

What I wish to show up with this, is the ammount of services Lufthansa is additionally offering, although they don’t have too. For people it has become “normal” to check-in online, but it’s not. It isn’t normal either to have snacks & beverages on 45 minutes flights. This is all the additional service the carrier is offering although they don’t have. This + is why they get in run to get such prices & awards like the Skytrax 5-Stars.


People are always focusing on the price and the delays, something happening often in the industry, but most of the time, the Airline can not change it. The rarest delays are because of the carrier. They are so many possible reasons for delays, and many people forget that. The last time I flew on Lufthansa I paid around 130 Euros for four flights. This fare is pretty amazing, and this is why they are entitled to the Skytrax 5-Star Award, because their service is nearly perfect.

Beside the points I mentionned earlier, it is a common notion that Lufthansa regional business class offering is lackluster as they have regular Economy seats with guaranteed vacant middle seat. The hard product is definitely not the same standards of asian carriers, but Lufthansa stands out by offering world class soft product..

I hope you are now slightly understanding more why Lufthansa is entitled to the award! Feel free to comment you opinion just below. Tha

nks for reading!

This article is not approved or sponsored by Lufthansa & Skytrax!


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