Aer Lingus is starting off a rebranding! Last Thursday they presented their new livery to the public during an event hosted in Dublin. The new livery is offering a modern logo, but is also mainly removing the good old green Aer Lingus used for many years. Today we will explain you why Airlines are rebranding their liveries to brighter colors.

New Aer Lingus Livery / Picture by Aer Lingus

After Lufthansa, Air Canada, WestJet & others, Aer Lingus presented a new livery & a new logo on Thursday. The new colors are fresh & bright, but is also a big change compared to the old colors, as they removed the most part of their world-known darker green.

Many people might wonder why so many Airlines are changing some dark colors into white or brighter paint. This has mainly two reasons: Costs & Re-Sell. Having a livery with dark colors is costing a lot for painting, but is bringing further costs asual once the aircraft is in service. It is for example really difficult for maintenance to view faults, bird strikes and other damages, This is costing the airline a lot, because maintenance slots must be longer, and new technologies must be bought & used to discover fault on the fuselage of the plane. Airbus introduced last year a drone-based system to get maintenance done more easily, but this technology is costing a lot of money. Beside that it is not to forget that an aircraft is only making money in the sky, so every minute on the ground is loss for the airline, another reason why maintenance should be done well, but within shorther delays.

Video courtesy of Airbus

By using a brighter livery, it is more easiliy for engineers to proceed for maintenance & the the needed reparatures. Beside the cost point, another big reason is the source why Airlines use liveries mainly made with white: Re-Sell options of the plane.

Aircrafts are changing owner during their lifetime. An Airbus A320 can fly 7 years for one airline, then fly 5 years for another one, and switch owner again for the next 22 years. Most of the time, when an airline is buying a plane that flew under other colors for some years, they need it to be ready for operations really fast. With a white & bright livery, it is very easy to repaint the plane in a short period of time. With a dark & colorful livery, it would take a long time. A good example for this situation was the grounding of Air Berlin in 2017. Many Airlines like Eurowings, Lufthansa, Edelweiss, EasyJet and others bought some A320’s of the old Air Berlin. The re-fitting & re-painting process took so long because of the colorful livery, that many schedulded flights were cancelled or heavily delayed. Still today, over 1 year later, Eurowings is still operating flights flight sold with EW flight numbers, but operating with the Air Berlin livery & cabin.

Aircrafts are also switched within alliances & groups. Lufthana uses a Swiss A320 For 2 years, and then giving it back to Swiss. WIth a simple scheme like both Airlines have, it is prettty easy to wet-lease planes to other companies.

Those two reasons are showing pretty obviously why Airlines are going to use brighter colors in the future. Let’s see which operator will be offering a new livery within 2019 after Aer Lingus!

Picture by Aer Lingus

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