A few weeks ago, I was invited to fly on a private Bombardier Challenger 300 by PremiumJet AG. This was the most exclusive experience, I had in 2018. Flying on a private jet is something very special. I wish to share my experience with you on this route from Zurich to Salzburg and back home to Zurich. Welcome, on-board!


I went off for the airport with full of excitement, as I arrived at the private terminal in Zurich, I first had to wait some time in the most luxurious terminal I have ever been to. After a short while, I was able to see my plane for the first time. A beautiful Bombardier Challenger 300 was awaiting me. Pilots were ready to leave, but I managed to shoot some pictures before boarding the aircraft. The flight attendant gave me a warm welcome and offered me a drink before take-off with some nuts & fruits.

The pilot then announced that we would have to follow our departure slot. Doors were closed, engines were started, and reporting ready to taxi to the apron control with a secret callsign. The taxi time from the VIP terminal up to the holding point of Runway 28 is very short and under 2 minutes we were ready for take-off. The captain pushed to throttle to maximum and we were off. The scheduled flight time was around 50 minutes, so briefly after breaking the cloud cover, the attendant started off the breakfast service. It was one of the most generous breakfast I ever had. I was able to choose between French croissants, bread selection, cheese & some typical Swiss breakfast called “Müsli”. As a drink, I went for some coffee.

After enjoying this great breakfast, it was already time for landing in Salzburg. The approach in the middle of the mountains was just beautiful, with breathtaking views out of the windows! With a rate of descent at 3500 feet per minute, the aircraft touched down 10 minutes after leaving our cruise flight level for a majestic approach over the city of Salzburg.


Shortly after landing, I was able to deboard the aircraft. The kind ground handling staff proposed me a shuttle to the terminal, but I was more interested in shooting more pictures of this beautiful plane. Our ground time was planned to be 45 minutes, so I had no time to lose.


After that, I visited the terminal for a brief while. SZG is a very small airport, so you really can’t lose your way. It was a very short visit, but enough to see what I wished to visit. 45 minutes later, I boarded the PremiumJet aircraft again, ready to fly to back to Zurich. There is only one possible departure direction in Salzburg because of the mountains. The take-off is quite challenging for the pilots and required a lot of concentration.

On the flight back it was time for me to enjoy a light meal. I decided to go for the healthier option, as I had some salad. In addition, a good champagne was part of the meal, to celebrate this exclusive experience. As dessert, the flight attendant brought some “Luxembourgli”. Those macaronies are popular in the entire country and are very expensive, a reason more for me to enjoy.

50 minutes passed away, and we were back for landing in Zurich. It is a special feeling to land between a Boeing 777 and an Airbus A330 on such a small airplane. Before I left, I took a few shots of the cabin, in order to take some great memories of this amazing flight.

Three hours after departure, I was back in my home airport in Zurich, fulfilled of many good memories, literally a great experience! Thank You to PremiumJet AG for inviting me for this great experience! Feel free to check-out their website: https://www.premiumjet.eu/home/

See you guys soon for another flight report, Thanks for reading!

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