Embraer is a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer who produces commercial jets as well as regional liners and executive and agricultural aircrafts. Until today the company has produced and delivered over 8,000 planes and it’s estimated that every 10 seconds an Embraer plane take off somewhere in the world.

E190-E2 at Farnborough 2018

Following the deal between Airbus und Bombardier with their A220-100/-300, Boeing and Embraer plan a deal over 4.75$ billion dollar giving Boeing a controlling stake in Embraers commercial sector.

The most famous and important aircrafts of Embraer are the ERJ-170,-175,-190 and -195 with the E2 versions having entered service just in April 2018 with Wideroe Airlines.

Republic Airways just signed a letter of intent to order another 100 ERJ-175 firmly with additional 100 options for the same aircraft. They reserved themselves the right to convert the order into ERJ-175-E2 jets. If they buy all 200 aircraft as announced the order has a total value of 9.3$ billion US-Dollars.

Republic Airways operates flights for multiple regional US carriers. They have already bough over 350 planes from Embraer and are the biggest operator today with 190 active 170/175. The fleet operates about 950 flights per day across the US.

Wataniya Airways signed a firm order over 10 ERJ-195-E2 jets and thus becomes the first Middle Eastern E2 operator. With an additional 10 more options for the same aircraft the order has an estimated value of 1.3$ billion USD. The planes configured with 12 business class and 106 economy class seats will be delivered in 2020.

The small airline Mauritania placed an order for two ERJ-175 jets which has a value of 93.8$ million dollars refering to current list prices. The small airline with a fleet of currently 6 aircraft will configure both E-jets with 76 seats and the deliveries will take place in 2019. Embraer is happy to have another airline profiting from the modern E-jets.

Helvetic Airways also signed a letter of intent for 12 E190-E2 planes with additional 12 purchase rights and the conversion rights to the E195-E2. If all the rights are executed the order has a volume of 1.5$ billion USD. The first 12 aircraft will replace the 5 Fokker100s and 7 E190s until autumn 2021.

Helvetic Airlines CEO

The further purchase rights will enable the Zurich based airline to grow according to the market situation. Tobias Pogorevc praised the E2 development since the training for the pilots to switch from the E1 to the E2 version only requires about 3 days. He is happy to see the performance improvements and looks forward to having the new jet!

AZUL Airlines announced today a Letter of Intent to order 21 additional E195-E2 Jets. This is placed additionaly to an order which is already active since 2015. The Airline will therefore receive a total of 51 aircrafts, starting in 2019 (30 + 21). This additional contract has a value of 1.4 billion USD.

Embraer and the Airline are proud to continue a successful partnership together as AZUL has been a long-time partner of Embraer.

Finally an undisclosed customer of Spain announced today a Letter of Intent for 5 E195-E2 Jets, three firms & 2 options. The total value of this order is estimated at 342 million USD. YourAviation is estimating that Air Europa could be the lucky winner, though this is not yet confirmed. Confirmation of this customer is expected in the next days.

That’s it for the major orders at Embraer after this second Farnborough Day. After 2 Days the Brazilian Company received 300 orders for a list price of 15 Billion USD. A great show so far!

Text by Leonard Niemann & Colin Voide. Pictures by Colin Voide.

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