As most of you fellow aviators will know, today is a big day in the Airbus & Bombardier Aerospace history. It has been known for multiple months that Airbus did buy 50.01% out of the Bombardier C-Series. As they are now the leading “investor” of this project, they are able to make multiple modifications to this aircraft. Find out below the latest information about this “new” plane & new partnership.


Image of the new A220 by Airbus

It was back in October 2017 when Airbus & Bombardier announced a partnership regarding the C-Series program. This partnership brings the Airbus global reach & the newest state-of-the-art jet of Bombardier together, the C-Series 100 & 300. There are only a few Airlines already operating the aircraft, one of them is SWISS, but multiple orders have been placed in the last few years. Both versions, the -100 & the -300 have been ordered already more than 390 times.

After they made the agreement, 50.01% of the aircraft is now belonging to Airbus as mentioned before. Leaving exactly 30.99% of the program to Bombardier & the other 19% to the investment Québec, as they were also investors during the hard phases of construction. As most of you will know, this aircraft had multiple problems during its construction, this is why the deliveries got many delays & Bombardier needed more money. They got this money out of the investment Québec & now also out of Airbus. AIB is taking over multiple tasks like for example, the selling of the aircraft & the marketing.

Image by Airbus

The advantage for Airbus is a new aircraft in “their” fleet, offering less seats than the A320/A320neo is doing. This small juet is very interesting for airlines like SWISS flying from the heart of Europe to multiple destinations within 500 miles. Another great advantage is that the aircraft is so well designed, that it doesn’t need much space to land, offering possible destinations like London City Airport. This is one of multiple features this C-Series has, and the A320/A320neo doesn’t have. It is therefore very interesting for Airbus to have this plane in their official “fleet” and be able to sell it. They will take multiple profit out of this great aircraft, I am sure of that.

As Airbus is now owning the most part of this Jet, they are also changing the name and introducing it to their fleet as the AIRBUS A220-100 & A220-300. The new livery has been presented a few minutes ago in Toulouse, where a big presentation event is running right now. More information about the “new” aircraft should be presented within the next hours. What we now know, is the name change to A220-100 & A220-300. This new aircraft can now be ordered at Airbus and should be available for the next 20 years.

What is your opinion about the name change & the acquisition to Airbus? Do you like it or don’t you? Feel free to comment your opinion below, it is always much appreciated. We will keep you updated in the future for the main changes of this beautiful aircraft.

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