Back in April this year I took my first Thai Airways flight on one of their newest Airbus A350-900 and this in Royal Silk Class. I got impressed by the outstanding service I received on this 1h10 flight from Phuket to Bangkok. Though I got also some bad surprises on this experience, so is the Thai Royal Silk Class really worth it? Find out more about my experience below:

Flight TG204 to Bangkok on April 24th 2018 was waiting for me. I first booked this flight in Economy Class, as the initial aircraft planned was the beautiful Boeing 747-400. Though after remarking the aircraft to the Airbus A350-900, I decided to upgrade, in order to discover Thai latest Premium Class.


Phuket International is a pretty small airport, though they have some long-haul flights departing from there.  Most of those flights are going to Russia. The airport is separated in 2 sections. One part with & one part without passeport check for inland flights, as mine today to Bangkok. The Thai Check-In is very close to the entrance of the Airport. Thai is operating around 15 counters for all their flights, most of them departing for BKK. You can find 3 Business Class & 12 Economy Class counters. The waiting time is very low, something I really enjoyed.

After the Check-In, and as Business Class passenger, I had the Boarding to BKKopportunity to use the Thai Airways Lounge. Though this lounge was in renovation, and so replaced by a very small lounge with some beverages. It is difficult to rate a lounge beeing renovated, and I didn’t spend much time in there anyways.

Boarding started around 15 minutes late, apporting a 10 minutes delay to my flight, something I am able to deal with. The Boarding area of the Inland flights zone is very small. If I remember right there weren’t more than 7 Gates.


Today I am flying on HS-THD. This is almost a brand-new Airbus A350-900. Delivered on April 21, 2017 to Thai Airways, it just passed 1 year old a few days ago.

The Airline is offering a total of 4 classes. Economy, Premium Economy, Royal Silk Class and Royal First Class. Not every Aircraft in their fleet is offering all those classes. Their A359 fleet is only equipped with an Economy & a Business Class. The aircraft has 289 Economy Class seats and 32 Business Class seats.

A350-900 SeatmapAs most Airlines, Business Class passengers & Gold Card holders might board first. I was the first passenger to board. In Business Class you are welcomed by a flight attendant which is responsible for you. She presented her self, and brought me to my seat. This is a great additional Service that I really enjoyed. It is representing the Thai hospitality.


Shortly after boarding and before the safety demonstration, the Crew serves some Kind of a welcome drink. There isn’t any choice, you receive this typical Thai drink. It was pretty sweet but very refreshing. After that they walk through the cabin and offer some newspaper, also in english, another additional feature.

The cabin is very modern & similar to most Star Alliance Airlines. It’s featuring a 1-2-1 composition. This is optimal for privacy. I sat on 17A, offering a great engine and wing view. The cabin is in the Thai colours, so it’s a mix of white, violett & some black. The 16 inch screen is optimal for movie & documentary watching.


IMG_5537This is the flat-bed seat in the 1-2-1 composition.

The big Screens are just awesome for entertainment. Really big & offering good image & sound quality. Did you know that Thai offers more than 1000 hours of movies, also on shorter flights? Well I didn’t. And I got very impressed as most Airlines do deactivate the entertainment  systems on short flights. This is a really great feature which I enjoyed completely.

We departed around 28 minutes late from runway 27. Shortly after take-off, the crew started with the meal service. Thai didn’t offer any menu card on this short flight. I think this is slightly sad for Business Class, as you don’t know what you’re about to eat.

They served us duck, with a Thai Sauce, some IMG_5529vegetables & some noodles. I really enjoyed this meal. This Service on a 1 hour flight is incredible, and the upgrade for 60$ was surely worth it, just for the seat & for the food. As dessert Thai offered some Panna Cotta. I am not a big fan of Desserts, but I tasted and it was delicious. Thai really deserves an award on their meal for short-haul flights.

The crew was friendly and nice, though I’ve seen better. What I though really enjoyed is this personal service. They are always ready to serve you a drink, they prepare your seat and this personal welcome is much appreciated.

After a short hour, we started the descent into Bangkok!


We landed with 10 minutes delay in BKK. The taxi time in Bangkok lasted around 10 minutes, but you have some nice aircraft departing & landing simultanouesly. Some kind of small Air-show 🙂

We de-boarded via 2 doors, so Economy & Business Class was separated and Business Class passengers were able to de-board first, something I much enjoyed.

Though I got very disappointed by the baggage service. The Business Class bags came out after the Economy Class and around 45 minutes after landing. One of my bag was also broken, so I got a very bad experience there. This is the point were Thai Airways and the Ground Handling partner need to work on. Around 1 hour after landing I was able to exit BKK airport.


Thai Airways is a great Airline, offering a great Business Class product. They are representing the Thai culture, something much enjoyable. Every staff is very kind, the entertainement system was good, the food was incredible tasty & I got a smooth landing.

The aircraft is brand new & very quiet. Featuring a cabin with multiple new Technologies like the LED lighting, it offers a great passenger experience. The only big negative point it the baggage handling, something they surely need to improve on this route.

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